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Haven't quite nailed down the perfect logo that you would like to see on your web site, stationary, cards, etc? Do you already have a logo that just doesn't communicate what your company is and does? We can help!

A logo is a symbol which is often used in association with a company's name, to help clearly differentiate the company from its competitors and to clearly identify the company to its public.

While a logo serves the above basic purpose, a logo can also convey an impression or concept, in and of itself. That's right, your logo expresses something about your company, to your public.

The funny part of it is that the chosen symbol and the impression it conveys, can be at odds with what you were actually intending to communicate. Ultimately you want your company name and logos to be working in harmony to communicate the message that you are trying to get across.

You will find more information on our site LOGOS which describe in great detail (1) what your message should be, (2) the way to ensure that your logo delivers that exact message and (3) the psychology of shape and color.

To sum it all up, a correctly done logo will give your company a distinctive look and a memorable image. For a logo that really hits the mark, contact us.

2003 Tribal Light

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