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services: Web Site Maintenance

Now that your web site is up and running you'll want to keep people coming BACK to your site; the more often they return the more likely they are to become clients (or repeat clients). Market research suggests that it takes at least 7 visits to your site before someone will become a customer or buy from you.

To keep 'em coming back, you need to update the content on your site often enough so people want to come back and check out what's new. These updates can be scheduled as often as is appropriate for your individual site but should be done at the very least, on a monthly basis.

We recommend adding a new article or tip or industry news or a free drawing or, well, anything really, just as long as your market segment would be interested in returning to see it when it arrives.

Survey your customers and see what they would like to read about (or have us do it!) then put it on your site at regular intervals -- you'll have people bookmarking your site and marking their calendars so they remember to return to see your updates!


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