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Our Processing service is designed for the general population who want a cost effective solution to digitizing their slide collection but do not want to be involved in the final image adjustments and/or want the DVD Video created at the same time as the scanning.
This process produces very acceptable digital images for print & video in most situations.

Our Processing service includes the following with NO additional cost to you:

  • Infrared dust & scratch reduction (ICE)
  • manual cropping to eliminate the border from the slide mount
  • automated post scan image adjustments (color / contrast)
  • some manual corrections to images
  • Image Rotation
Maximum of 2 folders for every 100 images. Additional folders are $4.00 each

Print and Video Ready
Note: Print and Video Ready assurance can only be achieved if slides/negatives are in relatively good condition. Our services apply color and fade restoration when required, but in some extreme cases where the dyes in the film have faded too far, even the best digital enhancement will fail to fully recover the original scene.

Req'd CD's: 1 ($5.99) x 1 Set
Req'd DVD's: 1 ($5.99) x 1 Set
VHS Transfer to DVD Transfer Fee per tape: $28.95 (Master)
Duplicate DVD Discs from transfer: $6.95

Please Note: 6 Hours is the maximum length allowed on any DVD transfer.
For best quality, 2 hours is the recommended maximum.
Tapes exceeding 120 minutes will be transferred at a lower quality setting to fit on DVD.
Slide / 35mm Negative / Photo Transfers
  • 35mm Negative Scanning Transfer to CD
    • $0.85 / Slide
  • Slide Scanning Transfer to CD
    • $0.65 / Slide
  • 3x5 & 4x6 Photo Scanning Transfer to CD
    • $1.45 / Photo
    • 300 DPI JPG

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